Leather Dog Collars

Leather Dog collarsLeather dog collars give you a good solution when you need to gain more control when walking your dog. Lots of handlers choose Leather collars because they are strong, wide , adjustable and give the dog a stylish appearance. If you’re looking for strong, light weight dog collars for walking, leather is the answer. Padded with natural felt and other good quality materials of your choice, these collars are made of 100% leather with solid nickels fittings.
These are only a few features of this hand crafted work of art. You can do practically anything with Designer leather dog collars - tracking, walking, hiking etc. Dog handlers love this designer leather dog collar because it is very easy to put on and remove. Leather is perfect solution when you need to take your dog for walk! You have better control, a fashionable look, durability, and safety with a hand stitched designer leather dog collar.

Leather dog collars are the best choice you can make when it comes to the comfort of your beloved dog. Dog collars are available in differing styles and materials such as nylon webbing, rope, braided chord and metal chain. However, the highest quality collars and leads available are those leather leads and collars designed or crafted specifically for your pet from the very best soft leather. Collars made from leather have the added advantage that they are "kinder" to the dog’s neck and skin than some of the types mentioned above and are more comfortable for the dog to wear

If you are going to purchase a leather dog collar for your friend, be sure to research where the product is sourced. We provide one of the best places to begin your search for a leather dog collar to meet you and your pet's exacting requirements.
Nowadays, we treat our dogs as "one of the family" and consequently spend as much time and money choosing pet accessories as we do our own.
Leatherdogcollars.com provides a wide variety and choice of leather dog collars and leather leads of all types, making the search for the items you want easy and convenient. Not all websites guarantee such high quality products or reliability of service. We currently have available:

  • Pink leather dog collars
  • Braided leather dog collars
  • Designer leather dog collars
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