Braided Leather Dog Collars

Braided Leather Dog CollarsBraided leather dog collars are the ultimate in strength and safety. They are an attractive look for any dog but big dogs especially would benefit from the tough durability of braided leather dog collars. This practical type of collar is the perfect complement to any breed of dog. However, since they are not lined as other leather collars are, be sure to order a size loose enough to be comfortable.
There are many styles of braided leather dog collars, too. You can choose harmonious color combinations, contrasting ones or go for a more natural color. Braided leather in its natural color is a real eye catcher,especially when worn by a large breed with a fawn or liver color of coat. Braided Leather Dog Collars

Braided leather dog collars are more versatile than you may think at first glance. There are many ways beside color combinations to make them even more attractive. You can get braided leather dog collars that are intertwined with chain, either large links or a more delicate weight for a female dog.

You can also get charms to attach to your dog’s braided leather dog collars and hang them from the leash ring. Your friend can have the refinement and dignity of braided leather combined with the fun of personalized jewelry when you add charms to the collar. A gold heart with glittering crystals is beautiful hanging from a braided leather dog collar and really brings out the feminine side of your little girl. Your male dog will look even more macho when you add a bone charm or a mace charm to his collar.

As you can see, braided leather dog collars are very stylish. The wider the collar, the more comfortable your friend will be. Since braided leather dog collars are also soft and supple, you can get a wider width for a larger dog and still have a collar that is comfortable for him.

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