Designer Leather Dog Collars

Designer Leather Dog collarsDesigner leather dog collars are another inexpensive way to treat your friend to the best. Leather, of course, breathes-your dog will be comfortable even in the hottest weather. Leather prevents irritation around the neck, unlike synthetic collars or fake leather, and wonít make the neck sore or chafe. There are many different kinds of designer leather dog collars to choose from.
You can get designer leather dog collars in different colors to either complement your friendís coloring or make an attractive contrast. You may even want to get more than one collar in different colors for everyday wear or special occasions. Your delicate little girl would look beautiful in pink while you may want your boy to have a masculine black or blue collar
Pink Leather Dog collars

Designer leather dog collars are also available with hanging charms, the latest in canine fashion! There are small hearts, bone shaped charms, charms with your friendís birthstone and whimsical shapes like four leafed clovers for luck, ballerinas or even flowers to name just a few. The nice thing about charms is that you can change your dogís look easily, quickly and inexpensively.

You may want to look at designer leather dog collars in snakeskin or crocodile print for an unusual yet stylish look. You can choose from several different color combinations to best complement your friendís coat. These prints incorporated in the leather let your dog look sophisticated and yet the collar is still strong, comfortable and practical.

Designer leather dog collars are also available with ďblingĒ, the newest style for both humans and animals. Faux pearls and precious gems can be affixed to the collar for a fun and sassy look that both you and your dog will enjoy! And because the collars are lined with soft, natural felt there are no prongs or other protrusions to irritate your friendís sensitive neck. When you look for a designer leather dog collar, youíre limited only by your imagination when it comes to style and embellishment. Treat your friend to a comfortable, safe and beautiful designer leather dog collar.

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