Soft Leather Dog Collars

Padded Leather Dog collarsSoft leather dog collars are more than a practical choice, they are an indulgence that your dog deserves.  It’s a small luxury that is affordable as well as practical.  Our soft leather dog collars are hand crafted and hand stitched, not mass produced.  The quality of our collars is unsurpassed and we take pride in our variety.  Soft leather dog collars won’t irritate your friend’s neck, especially on hot days, because our leather breaths, preventing heat rash and sores.  The soft, natural felt lining is comfortable and the solid nickel fittings insure that even the strongest pull on the leash won’t compromise your dog’s safety. 

soft Leather Dog collars

When you get your dog a soft leather dog collar, be sure to have get the proper size.  Measure the circumference of his or her neck and add at least two inches to allow for growth or maximum comfort.  Just as a long necklace is more comfortable than a choker, so a loose dog collar is easier for your friend to wear.  The soft leather and felt lining combined with a loose fit will insure that your friend has the safest and most comfortable collar you can get him.

Giving your dog a soft leather dog collar can be an exercise in style, too!  Is your friend the type that would look good in silver studs?  Or is she more of a rhinestone princess?  You can get soft leather dog collars in a variety of styles.  Plain and dignified, whimsical, feminine, cute or macho, soft leather dog collars are as much an expression of your dog’s personality as they are a means of keeping him safe.  You may want to embellish the collar with jewels or even choose one that has been hand tooled with different designs.  The beauty of good leather looks great and feels great whether you choose a simple basic collar or a more elaborately decorated one.  

You’ll notice a number of advertisers on these pages that offer soft leather dog collars.  We encourage you to compare styles and prices so that you can find the very best collar for your beloved best friend.   

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